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Website Design

BetterThanYours.com provides a wide range of custom website design solutions. We specialize in helping organizations utilize Internet based technologies to grow their businesses.

Incorporating a team of highly proficient website designers, search engine optimization consultants, online marketing consultants, website design architects and highly experienced business consultants, helps ensure all website design projects exceed our client expectations and deliver that all-important return on investment.

We find our clients have different sized enterprises at different stages of life. Some are new and emerging, others well established. Some have large budgets, while others operate with more of a 'shoe-string' approach. We're flexible - and we'll help you work out what needs to be incorporated within your website design to build your online business with whatever resources you have available.

We've set up website businesses selling a huge variety of products and services, so no matter what your website design needs BetterThanYours.com can help. Some clients need us to create their first website, others want to maintain or update an existing site. Just let us know what your needs, and we can provides you with a no obligation quote.

Learn more about our web design and related services.

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Website Maintenance

Have a website that requires regular updates, but you don't have the expertise or tools to keep up with it? Let BetterThanYours take care of it for you. Take advantage of one of our website maintenance plans, or call us for a quote on a customized solution, starting at as little as $35/mo.

Plan Hours per Month Monthly Cost**
WM11  $ 35.00
WM22  $ 65.00
WM33  $ 90.00
WM55  $125.00
WMX10  $225.00

** no setup fees; monthly plan & pre-payment required; basic website maintenance only; programming, database work or other extras not included; subject to change without notice

1.888.398.4405 toll-free

Managed Hosting

Take the worry out of your online server needs -- let BetterThanYours take care of it for you. Call us for a quote on your custom server solution, starting at as little as $70/mo.

Additional design, development and configuration charges may apply.

1.888.398.4405 toll-free

Shared Hosting

All shared hosting plans include: Web-based administration (Control Panel), POP e-mail accounts with web access, unlimited e-mail aliases, unlimited e-mail forwards, catchall e-mail address, your own mailing list(s) with mailing list manager, FTP account(s), Frontpage extensions, PHP, password-protected directories, server-side includes (SSI), cgi-bin with PERL, log files & site stats, daily on-site and off-site backups [we are fanatical about this], 24x7 monitoring & tech support by e-mail, anti-Spam technology, included software packages (online chat, guestbook, bulletin-board, content management system, search engine, e-commerce tool & shopping cart, wiki, banner management), annual billing & pricing, NO SETUP FEES, and much more!

1.888.398.4405 toll-free

Shared hosting is UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED! If you are dissatisfied and we can't make it right, your money is cheerfully refunded, no questions asked.

(Web hosting charges only, cost of added services [such as a domain name] cannot be refunded).

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Plan MB Disk MB Traffic POP emails mailing lists FTP accounts Annual Cost
[per month]*

* monthly cost is an approximation to illustrate our competitive pricing; no setup fees; annual plan & pre-payment required; domain name or other extras not included; subject to change without notice

1.888.398.4405 toll-free

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